Top GPS golf watches available in the market

GPS watches are the watch like an electronic bracelet that is worn on the wrist to track the physical activities, and it is mainly preferred in sports such as golf. The golf is a very professional game which is played with complete accuracy and professional techniques. You can focus on both these aspects by having the use of the best golf GPS watch. They record the exact and accurate details of the shot you have played.

 Have a look on features of some golf GPS watches available 

Garmin S40

It is one of the world top manufacturers of best golf GPS watches in the market of golf watches. It is equipped with some of the best features that are desired by the golf player in their GPS watches. The S40 is equipped with a 1.2-inch touch screen display which is even readable in sunlight. It has a feature of calculating the distance from the green to the front and back. It can also be connected to your smart phone and provide you notifications and is enabled with strict fitness tracking.

Shot V2 Scope

It is the most preferred watch available in the market and specially designed for those who want details about all the statistics. The watch is equipped with one unique feature known as club sense technology that has tags that are connected to your grip. The watch provides you descriptive analysis of the distance to have the most accurate shots. The only issue faced in this watch is the less battery life.


 TOMTOM is the best GPS golf watch that is equipped with the particular technology of detecting your individual shots. It also has this unique feature that allows you to see the distance of the iron play and keeps a track on your game using an autoscoring card.


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